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The INSITU naturally finds its place, everywhere we place it. Being a self-evident central part of the décor – lounge area, hotel bar, restaurant’s table – it blends in with its surroundings while illuminating them. Its functionality, its design and its aluminium material (raw or painted) – say everything about its minimalism and its sustainability.

Technical information:

Material: Die cast aluminium
Finish: Black
Dimensions: H. 31 cm, base 9,5×9,5cm
Weight: 900 g
LED module: P = 1,5W / 1500 mA dc / Un = 3 V dc
Photometry: 2700°K / CRI > 94 / FLUX 170 Lm
Battery: Standard: lithium-ion 2600 mAh / 3,7 V / Lifetime: 1000 charge / discharge cycles. Replaceable.
Battery life: 4h30 up to 34h depending on the chosen intensity
Tactile switch: 4 light intensities
Recharge: 3h30 (standard battery)
With individual charger included : charging with 5V charger (provided), equipped with EU, US or UK plug
Option: multiple charger to simultaneously recharge 5 lamps, equipped with EU, US or UK plug

Designed and made in France, designer Hervé Isle de Beauchaine