Version of 25.02.2022

1. Legal identities

Publishing Director and Editor
Company HISLE, SAS with capital amount of 21 000 €
RCS VANNES 500 388 079
Siège social : 27-29 rue Thiers, 56000 Vannes, France
Téléphone : +33 (0)2 30 85 96 15
Directeur de la publication : Marie de Foucauld

Website hosting
SAS OVH, au capital de 10 069 000 €
RCS Lille Métropole 424 761 419
Code APE 2620Z
N° TVA : FR 22 424 761 419
Siège social : 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix, France.

General terms and conditions of sale
Our general terms and conditions of sale are in our website and may be consulted at any time.

2. Website content

HISLE endeavours to ensure that the information published on the website is accurate and up to date and reserves the right to correct its content at any time without prior notice. Furthermore, HISLE shall not accept any direct or indirect liability in the event of an error or omission regarding the content of the website’s pages or the incorrect use or misuse of said website by anybody whatsoever.

In HISLE website, and in the presentation of its activities and products, each visitor has an access to an information and personal data protection form before filling the contact form with their personal data.

3. Links to other websites

On its website HISLE may provide links to the websites of other parties, social networks or partners’ sites that are not covered by these legal conditions. These links were added with the agreement of the sites concerned at a time when HISLE deemed it appropriate to do so given the content and services available on these websites.

HISLE shall not be held liable for the content of these websites or the uses to which they may be put by their users.

4. Intellectual property

Access to the website grants a personal, non-exclusive right to use this website. All the information published on this website such as text, images, photographs, computer graphics, videos, logos and trademarks constitute works within the meaning of the Intellectual Property Code. These works are the exclusive property of HISLE; however, some content is covered by licences granted to HISLE by third parties.

Accordingly, any full or partial representation or reproduction that could be made without the consent of their authors or their beneficiaries shall be illegal and shall constitute counterfeiting.

Any full or partial reproduction, representation, dissemination or redistribution of the content of this website on any medium and by any method whatsoever, and any sale, resale, transmission or release to a third party in any manner whatsoever, are prohibited.

Failure to comply with this prohibition shall constitute counterfeiting, for which the parties responsible may be held liable under civil and criminal law.

5. Non-availability of the website

HISLE shall ensure to the best of its abilities that users can access the website at all times. HISLE cannot be held liable if the website is unavailable for any reason whatsoever.

HISLE may interrupt its services from time to time for operational reasons, maintenance or in an emergency, but shall not be liable for damages of any kind whatsoever as a result thereof.

HISLE shall endeavour to protect the security of users of its website and services and to keep its website in permanent working order, but cannot guarantee continuous secure access to its services at all times as their proper operation may be affected by numerous factors beyond its control.

6. Personal data

HISLE shall respect the personal lives of the users of the website and shall protect the information that they provide.

The personal data protection rules governing the site are as follows:

– Information collected
The website can usually be visited with no obligation to disclose personal information. However, HISLE’s web server may automatically record certain information such as the IP (Internet Protocol) address and other information such as the name of the internet service provider, the browser, the operating system and the language used, the website from which the connection was made, the key words and plug-ins added to the browser for showing content, the pages of the website consulted and the order of viewing and the date and length of the visit.
In addition, HISLE may collect and process personal data relating to each user or client via the contact form that appears on the website, as part of these exchanges. Any user or client who corresponds with HISLE by email or using the contact form shall thus provide his/her contact details and the object of the message, together with any other information, and all this information shall be processed by HISLE in order to respond to and follow up these requests.
All users and clients shall be informed beforehand of their rights under the new Regulation EU 2016/679 (GDPR), in force since 25 May 2018, via a consent form that will appear automatically before they can access the contact form.

– Protection rights of collected personal data
In accordance with the following regulations, law 78-17 of 6 January 1978, law n° 2018-493 of 20 June 2018 and new EU Regulation 2016/679 on personal data protection, it is reminded that the personal data we request from visitors and clients, are respected and protected by HISLE in compliance with the above regulation.
Clients and visitors are informed about their rights and about the name of our Data Controller, at the section Confidentiality Policy and in the personal data protection form.

7. Cookies

The website may use cookies. A cookie is a text file stored on a computer when a visitor or customer visits the website. They make it possible to identify a computer during a next visit.

During a visit to the Site, depending on the choices made in the browser settings, various cookies may be installed on the hard drive of the visitor’s computer. HISLE can read the cookies installed during the period of validity of each cookie or until the cookie is deleted.

Cookies may be used for the following purposes:
– facilitate navigation and to enable the correct display of web pages (session cookies),
– remember visitors’ preferences, display or configuration choices or language choices,
– identify whether the visitor is coming from another HISLE website or from a partner site,
– analyze the performance of the website based on anonymous information on navigation (e.g. page views, number of visits, etc.).

The cookies used do not allow HISLE to identify visitors personally and are designed to be used only by HISLE.
Each visitor can object to the storage of these “cookies” either globally or on a case-by-case basis by adjusting the settings of his or her browser, please refer to the procedure in the browser’s rules of use.

8. Confidentiality

HISLE has an obligation of confidentiality towards users and clients as regards all the data and information of any kind that they may disclose via the website. This information may be of a commercial, accounting, legal, financial or other nature. HISLE shall keep it secure as far as is technically possible, so that this data cannot be accessed by an unauthorised third party.

HISLE shall not under any circumstances be held liable if the obligation of confidentiality is breached by one of the users or clients, who must put in place adequate safeguards on their computer or their account such as a password and take sufficient measures to prevent unauthorised parties from accessing their confidential information and data. It should also be noted that the access codes and authorisations sent to users or clients by HISLE are personal and confidential and must not be transferred or circulated.