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ROGER alabaster lamp by Studio Marianne Guely x Saïd Njeim, HISLE edition
ROGER alabaster lamp by Studio Marianne Guely x Saïd Njeim, HISLE editionLampe albâtre ROGER by Studio Marianne Guely x Saïd Njeim, édition HISLELampe Albâtre Roger

ROGER by HISLE x Marianne Guely & Saïd Njeim

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Délai d'expédition 1 week, TBC at the order according to selected finish


Design: Studio Marianne Guely x Saïd Njeim
Edition: HISLE

ROGER lamp is a jewel of light, resulting from the meeting between designer and HISLE co-founder Hervé Isle de Beauchaine, artist Marianne Guely and architect Saïd Njeim.
This creation invites us to take a poetic journey across Europe, to discover our heritage and our know-how. It was also inspired by a souvenir dear to Marianne Guely, an old copper barometer belonging to her grandfather.

A unique manufacturing process

The alabaster stones are selected by Marianne Guely and Saïd Njeim during their travels. They come from Italy’s Tuscany region, in shades of white, grey and black, while the stones from the province of Aragon in Spain reveal honey, ochre and tobacco tones.
Each piece is unique, not only in its colours but also in its veins and defects. The stone is skilfully exploited and finely worked to reveal the translucence of this raw material.
Alabaster stones are first shaped in local workshops in Italy and Spain, into the shapes imagined by Saïd Njeim, the designer. The second stage is carried out in the workshops in Aubervilliers, just outside Paris, by the artisans at Studio Marianne Guély, who do the final polishing and shining to finalise these unique pieces.
Each stone is then enhanced and revealed by the light, thanks to HISLE technology.

Nomadic and portable

The translucency of the alabaster stone, revealed by the light, creates a modern and dreamy atmosphere, soft and comfortable. ROGER lamp comes at home: at the table for a romantic dinner, in the lounge or in a bookcase, it becomes a part of your decor. Dimmable, with its 5 intensity variations, its halo of light creates a soft and unique atmosphere, depending on the stone selected.

Technical specifications:

Materials: Natural alabaster, aluminum base
Finish: Several shades of alabaster available, anodised base (bronze, silver, gold)
Contact us to choose your unique piece from the different alabaster shades available.
Dimensions: H. 15 cm, base Ø 12.5 cm
Weight: 1270 g
LED: 2.8 W
Photometry: 2650°K warm white / 215 Lm / CRI > 90
Battery: Li-ion 2600mAh / 7.4V / 1000 full cycles. Rechargeable and replaceable
Intensity: 5 variations available by touching the sensitive switch on the top of the lamp
Autonomy: From 5 to 45h according to selected intensity
Recharge: Duration 4h.

Each HISLE cordless lamp comes with a universal USB-C charging cable.
As part of our responsible consumption policy, the purchase of a charger (adapter transformer) is optional:

  • Single charger 5V/2A for 1 lamp
  • Multiple charger (60W, 5 ports 5V / 2A): charges from 1 to 5 lamps  maximum, simultaneously
  • Different plugs / sockets available, to select at the order: EU, US, UK (other upon request)

Marianne Guely, the artist

Designer, scenographer and insatiable globetrotter, Marianne Guely graduated from ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in 1989.
With her team of timeless designers, she transforms paper, her favourite material, into a haute couture fairytale. In 2004, she won the “Talent for Originality” award at the Sommet du luxe et de la création. 2005 saw the creation of Studio Marianne Guély. This polymorphous studio is constantly developing new techniques for working with paper and exploring its dialogue with other materials such as alabaster stone and metal.
Big names in the luxury sector, as well as architects and private clients, regularly call on the talents of Guély and her team.
The studio continues to expand in France and internationally, exploring new territories every day.

Saïd Njeim, the architect

Saïd Njeim is a Lebanese-born Parisian architect who combines Western and Eastern sensibilities. After graduating from the Beirut School of Fine Arts in 1994, Saïd moved to France 25 years ago and has worked on a number of architectural projects for various Parisian firms.
He has a passion for natural materials, particularly stone, and draws his inspiration from the grandeur of the Roman temples in Baaldeck, his native village, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In 2010, Saïd Njeim and Marianne Guély teamed up with the aim of bringing together their worlds – between art and design – to create a unique and unique collection.

HISLE, a pioneer in the global market for high-end cordless table lamps

Designer Hervé Isle de Beauchaine launched his first rechargeable cordless table lamp, the LUXCIOLE, in 2012. Conceived as a true tool of light, it was a global success from the moment it went on sale. Sold in thousands around the world, it embodies excellence à la française. Today, many architects, interior designers, specifiers and luxury brands trust and work with HISLE for the quality of its products and its know-how.


© Photos: Benoit Teillet

Instagram: @hisle_lighting

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